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"In service of humanity shall our legacy endure"



Yep, that’s me with the beard! Okay, if you found this page, it might probably because we have yet to get to know each other. Sounds fair ain’t it. My friends call me Bert or Alby, and my old folks call me with a special nick ‘Boyet’. How they ever came up with that name I honestly have no idea. I spent some time in the seminary, 8 years of hard labor er I mean brotherly service. I graduated with a Philosophy degree, took up Education, information technology, Master’s in English, and Advance TESOL in a string of ins and outs of the academe. I have been teaching for more than 12 years now and I will tell you outright that it was not all the time rosy.

 I fell in love with teaching way back when I was in the mission. One time, I volunteered to be assigned to a small island. It was the first unique encounter I ever had teaching children. The difference was as vivid as the sun. In my country, education is a privilege. Majority of students who can ill afford quality education are often left to make do with whatever is available in a public school, some of which are rundown and dilapidated, and lacks qualified teachers or learning resources. By the time I started teaching in an international school, the gap between the rich and the poor became all the more glaring. What is the difference of a poor student and a rich student anyway when there’s actually none? And when one or the other seems neglected, it is we, the parents or even the teachers who start making the distinction. I was emboldened to make a step. I was emboldened to go to the root of the problem — quality training for teachers. Training people is natural for me and I wanted to use my gift to help others become builders of people, builders of society who can lend their skills to make others better. By providing support to my fellow teachers, we can grow a community who can provide access to thousands of students who want to have quality and affordable education. Hence, to do that, I adapted my ways to the alternative learning system.  By marrying education science and technology, we can reach out to more people and eventually make a difference in so many lives. This life I believe is not all about money believe me,  but it is all about finding your meaning in humanity. 

I encourage you to join me in my seminar workshops and professional development trainings. Feel free to shoot me a message. Cheers!

See yah around!

Sensei Albert

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