It is a competitive world out there. With thousands upon thousands of teachers applying for jobs every semester, you might find your resume at the bottom of the pile! You must remember, the resume is your bait for that first key initial interview. Who else gets noticed among the hundreds of resume being sent every day? The resume that looks impressive from the inside. Yep, and the truth is thousands of these resumes do not even look like one. Having worked in HR before, sorting them out could be one big mess. The resume, boss, is not a bio-data period. A few important reminders to wit before you start downloading this awesome resume template which I am about to share with you. 

  1. Smile in your picture – you are not posing for the police mugshot. A teacher should exude a friendly aura, not someone who is about to eat a person alive! 
  2. Qualifications mean skills and vice-versa. It is a short summary list of what special ability you can do (or if you have ‘superpowers’ that would be awesome). For example, “Licensed TESOL trainer” or “Certified Montessori English Teacher”. Do not write something like “Can read and write” Duh. The trash bin please. 
  3. Do not forget to include your OJT especially if you have no work experience. HR and company bosses would prefer someone who somehow had a bit of experience in doing some kind of work. And the OJT, believe it or not, counts as part of your work experience. It would be nice to work with someone who can offer a little less headache for the team. Reality counts. 
  4. Certifications – Yes, those money milking seminars you have attended in the past will come in handy now. List them in your resume especially the seminar title. Somehow it lends credibility to your expertise and shows some additional punch to what you can do for the company. Say, you attended a seminar on Computer Proficiency, and the job description says “must be able to handle Microsoft Office”, well, that suits you perfectly as a fine candidate. 

So, I would like to share here a sample resume template that landed me my first job among a hundred applicants. Click here to download it. With a little twist and modification, that shall do it and off you go job hunting. Good luck!

See yah around!

Sensei Albert