I want to start by saying that I am a non-conventional practitioner of established educational methodologies. But rather, I believe in its science just as I have been influenced by Maria Montessori and Saint Augustine. My teaching philosophy incorporates two core beliefs: 1) effective communication between the instructor and the student is vital, and 2) learning is a cumulative process of theory and practical application where the only constant is change. It means, over time, you become better.

It is through these principles that I have been able to achieve my teaching goal—to provide an environment that allows students to take initiative in learning. The teacher is the pro-creator of the environment that will nurture sufficient material and support for the child to grow. Hence, the science of pedagogy is not enough, for in its lack is supplemented by human values and quality training to develop the best potential of a learner.

My teaching is heavily influenced by my exposure to applied philosophy, language training, TESOL, and spirituality. Overtime, I have come to understood that thorough understanding of teaching concepts is necessary for a successful learning experience for students. This involves the distillation of material from a broad set of sources into a well-organized lecture and demonstration emphasizing key principles. Well-organized must not be mistaken for rigid, however. The ability to recognize the underlying nature of students’ questions, and to respond accordingly, is vital to effective teaching.

My lecture and hands-on training is driven by the idea that learning is an iterative process of theoretical study which can only manifest itself through practical demonstration. I believe that learning is a cyclic process of expanding knowledge in the core academic disciplines and applying it to problems in real life. After all, we solve problems if we understand what is wrong in the first place right? Classroom theories come to life when students apply them to deal with every day situations. In the academia, students should ultimately be gauged based on their creative ability to apply solutions to practical problems and use it to further their interests.

See yah around!

~ Sensei Albert